Back to School “Backpack”

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Hi! My Name Is… – Name game icebreaker using rap
Lyric Love – Test your knowledge of commonly used lyrics in love songs
Top 10 Debate Club – Debate and defend your favorite top 10 songs
Question Mingle Icebreaker – Big group icebreaker where music is the common language
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New Participant Orientation 

New Participant Orientation Process – Welcome new participants and get them making music right away!
Equipment Orientation Worksheets – Quick start worksheets for beginners
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Programs, Projects and Performances

“Karate Belt” Reward System – Help your participants earn a musical “black belt”
VIP Band ProgramVery Important Participants become Virtuoso Instrument Players!
Music Producer Reward System – Participants earn studio privileges while improving their studio skills!
How to Address Inappropriate Language – Five ways to clean up inappropriate language that you’ll swear by!
Lip Sync battle – Channel your inner “Milli Vanilli” while learning stage presence
Cover Song Challenge – Healthy competition that encourages collaboration, talent and self-esteem
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Essential Supplies

Dropmix – Music Mixing Game – Part game, part DJ mixer, part ear-trainer… ALL fun!
Rhythm Roulette (Using Splice) – Random samples equals endless beat making creativity
Logic Remote as a Midi Control Surface – An iPad works as a control surface to make beats like a pro
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