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“Love is a Battlefield” – Two teams test their knowledge of commonly used lyrics in love songs!

Music is a universal language and it’s favorite topic is love! This icebreaker activity puts your participants love of music to the test. Which team can identify the most songs that include “Love Lyrics” and which team will leave the game broken-hearted? 

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How to…

  • Decide on the length of the game (ie. first team to “x” number of points or the team with most points after “x” number of minutes/rounds, etc.  
  • Evenly divide a group of participants into two teams or, play off the “love” theme, divide the group into male vs. female. 
  • At the start of each round the staff members pick a “Love Lyric” ie. a specific word that is commonly used in love songs like “Love” or “baby” (see sample list below). 
  • The teams go back and forth and naming songs that include the round’s “Love Lyric”. 
  • Staff members check/google the song’s lyrics to make sure it includes the round’s “Love Lyric” 
  • If a team mistakenly identifies a song that does NOT include the round’s “Love Lyric” then the other team gets a point.  
  • Also, if a team can’t think of a song that includes the round’s “Love Lyric” then the other team gets a point.   
  • Tips and variations: 
    • To keep the game moving quickly, set a time limit of 5 or 10 seconds for each team to think of a song that contains the round’s “Love Lyric”.  
    • Have members sing the lyrics each round
    • Play love songs in the background while playing the game 
    • “Last one standing” – form a circle, choose a “Love Lyric” and go around the circle naming songs until there is only one person left. 
    • Choose different themes and/or lyrics
    • Write down songs that you don’t know or add them to a playlist (insight into your members’ musical interests) 

Sample “Love Lyrics”: Love, Girl, Forever, Song, Baby, Woman, Time, Cry, Heart, Boy, Date, Eyes, Kiss, Man, Tonight, Beautiful, Dream, Angel, World, Happy

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