Question Mingle Icebreaker

An icebreaker where music is the common language

Have a large group of new participants that need to break the ice and get to know one another?  Question Mingle puts a musical twist on a classic icebreaker and uses your participants’ love of music as the common denominator to bring them together.  Print and cut the following questions onto strips of paper, put them in a hat, let participants follow the prompts and sit back and watch how music breaks down barriers! 

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How to… 

  • Print/cut questions into strips and put them in a hat. Use the examples below and/or think of your own!
  • Each participant chooses one question out of the basket.
  • Each participant finds a partner whom they’ve never met or haven’t talked to yet.
  • Both partners follow the discussion prompts on their papers.
  • Then all participants put their papers back into the basket, choose a new one, and find a new partner.
  • Continue this process until everyone has had a chance to talk to each other, or until time runs out!

Additional Resources (to print and cut into strips): 

  • Find someone who plays in more than one band/group. Ask questions to learn more about each band/group.
  • Find someone who plays the same instrument as you. Talk about your influences and when/how each of you got started.
  • Find a partner. Talk about the last live concert each of you attended. Where was it? Who did you see? How was the show?
  • Find a partner. Talk about your first musical influences.
  • Find a partner. Each of you name your top 3 favorite artists/songs right now and why you like them.
  • Find a partner. Talk about a music teacher who inspired you and why.
  • Find a partner. Ask about a recent time they (or their band) performed live. Find out where it was, what it was like, and how it went.
  • Find a person who will be performing later tonight. Ask them how they’re feeling about it.
  • Find someone who writes original songs. Ask how they get ideas and about their songwriting process.
  • Find a person who plays in a band/group. Ask them to tell you about one of their band’s/group’s songs. Find out how the song was written and what the lyrics are about.
  • Find a partner. Talk about your earliest memories of enjoying music.
  • Find a partner. Each of you name your top 3 musical artists of all time.
  • Find someone who plays in a band. Ask the story of how their band got together.
  • Find a partner. Find an artist/song on each other’s phones that you’ve never heard of. Swap and listen.
  • Find a partner. Each of you name your top 3 vocalists of all time.
  • Find a partner. Imagine you are planning a party together. You can invite any 10 musical artists, living or dead. Who would you invite?
  • Find a partner. Talk about a musical artist, living or dead, who you would most like to see in concert.
  • Find a partner. Talk about the instruments each of you play and how you got started.
  • Find someone who writes song lyrics. Ask them to tell you their favorite lyrics from a song they wrote and what the lyrics mean.
  • Find a partner. Talk about how often, when, and where each of you gets together to practice or play music with your band or other people.

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