Dropmix – Music Mixing Game

Teach basics of mixing, DJ’ing, or just use it for a fun break – Submitted by Nick Tetrault www.westendhouse.org
“I had been playing DROPMIX with my friends and I figured it would be awesome for the clubhouse. Two hours in and kids are STILL playing. Remixing popular songs in a cooperative game mode.”
Updated by Chris Knox www.bgcgtc.org
“We will typically play Dropmix on Friday’s and will usually use a bracket system in order to make the competition higher and it allows us to play multiple games/rounds without the kids getting tired of it. We use a traditional bracket system. The number of total kids playing will dictate if I have them all solo or in groups of 2-4 kids. If they are groups, they would still follow the standard rules. They can just see each other’s cards. Also, I have found hooking the iPad to large speakers and pumping the music pretty strong helps the kids get into the game.”