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To download the full, Essential Musical “PPE” (ZIP File) – Click here:

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Creative ways Music Impact Network Members are adapting Programs to keep their participants from getting “Zoomed Out”. Try these best practices for virtual or hybrid programming:

Transitioning to Virtual Programming

Virtual Programming Starter Resources

Customizable templates for Zoom settings, staff guidelines, parent permission forms, sample email communications, and more


Household Foley 

Zoom session icebreaker – the participant with the most realistic sound effect wins!

Production and Instrument Programming  

4 “Masked” Music Production Ideas

Is social distancing limiting your studio collabs? Encourage youth to make beats with anonymous producers adding an element of mystery

3 Virtual Programs Using Flipgrid

Participants create short videos and contribute to virtual ensemble, songwriting, and open mic projects

4 Virtual Programming Ideas

One approach for Group Instrument Lessons on Zoom, Virtual Production Sessions, and Virtual “concerts”

Virtual Listening Party

“Open mic” style event for producers, songwriters and instrumentalists to showcase their talents and creativity

Simple Website Portfolio

Participants create a simple Google Site using drag and drop templates to showcase who they are and their personal/musical achievements



Social distancing is challenging for small facilities. “Expand your walls” and involve more participants by making music in the gym or even outside with these Portable Equipment solutions

Portable Music Production Station

Everything needed to make beats and record on the go.

Can be set up anywhere (e.g. outside, gyms, etc) – Easy to clean and sanitize – Equipment is 100% battery operated – Mounted/packaged in lightweight portable cases 

Instrument Loaner Program

Give your participants access to instruments and production equipment to help them continue to make music at home.

Portable and Battery Powered Equipment

Solutions to leverage your existing music equipment and make music anywhere

To download the full, Essential Musical “PPE” (ZIP File) – Click here:

Need more ideas?

The “Back to School Backpack” features program resources and ideas including Fun musical Icebreakers, New Student Orientation tools, Programs, Projects and Performance ideas, and cool gear you could buy. – Originally posted – Fall 2019

Stay@Home – Play@Home is a curated a list of programs and resources that will help your organization and participants transition to virtual programming – Originally posted – Spring 2020

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