Portable and Battery Powered Equipment

NOTE: Any featured products are based on the experience and opinions of Network members and Music & Youth. We do not receive any financial benefit from the vendors to promote their products. We just thought they were helpful and you might like ’em. 

Solutions to leverage your existing music equipment and make music anywhere 

Guitar Amp

Roland Micro Cube Amp – $160

• Only six pounds • Compact • Runs on 6 AA batteries or AC adapter • 8 DSP effects • 8 COSM amp models • Built-in chromatic tuner,


Yamaha Piaggero NP-12 – $200

• Great Sound • Built-in speakers • Runs on 6 AA batteries

Pa Speaker

Behringer MPA40BT-Pro – $270

• 40W All-in-one Battery-powered PA System • 4-channel Mixer • Bluetooth Connectivity • Wireless System Integration • Carry Handle • 12-hour Battery


Pearl Compact Traveler with Bag – $280

• Compact • 2-piece Acoustic Drum Kit (with 10″ Mounted Snare and 18″ Bass Drum) • Carrying Case • Works with your existing cymbals, pedals and hardware