Household Foley

Most realistic sound effect wins! 

Welcome your participants to your virtual music session by creating a fun foley icebreaker contest.  For example, participants have to recreate a horse galloping using only household items. The participants with the most realistic sound wins! 

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How to…

  • At the start of each Zoom session, challenge participants to create a foley sound effect 
  • Give participants a prompt (see examples below) 
  • Participants are given 3 minutes to find a household item that sounds like the prompt 
  • One by one participants turn off their camera and perform their sound effect
  • At the end of the listening session, participants vote on whose foley sound best represents the prompt
  • Foley sound Examples: 
    • Horse gallop = plastic cups 
    • Fire = cellophane or potato chip bag
    • Heartbeats = thump on a plastic trash can
    • Sword Scrapes = metal spatula and cooking tray
    • Spooky Chains = a ring of keys
    • Whoosh or Karate chops = fly swatter, dowel rods or sticks, cable, or jump rope
    • Tap shoes = pens on a table/counter
  • Be creative and have fun! 

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