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To download a ZIP file Bundle – Click Here:
– Equipment is 100% battery operated and mounted in lightweight cases 
– Help maintain social distancing – Can be set up anywhere (e.g. outside, gyms, etc)
– Easy to clean and sanitize – Durable hard surface equipment can be disinfected
– Approximately $1,000 for each, fully outfitted, Portable Music Production Station

Resources to help you set up your Portable Music Production Station

Portable Music Production Station Overview
A simple way to bring beat making to your participants
Portable Music Production Station – Recommended Equipment List & Set Up
We’ve researched and tested this list of hardware and software
Portable Music Production Station Recommended Settings
Device settings for participant safety while providing accessibility and flexibility
Recommended iPad Apps
A list of the best music making Apps for your after school music program

Basic projects for the Portable Music Production Station

Basic Music Production Process Using Garageband (IOS)
Step by step process for getting participants familiar with GarageBand
iPad “Demo” Using Garageband and Transfer to Logic
Produce a “demo” on an iPad and finish it in the Studio
iPad Music Production Projects using Apps
Use Apps to introduce participants to other types of Music Production projects
Tips for Instrument Workshops Using iPads
Best Apps for learning instruments (like guitar/bass, drums, piano or vocals)
To download a ZIP file Bundle – Click Here: