4 Virtual Programming Ideas

Virtual is the new reality – here are 4 virtual program ideas to get you started!

Members of the music staff at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston describe their approach for virtual instrument lessons, music production sessions and virtual jam sessions on ZOOM as well as how their youth participants are “taking over” their social media accounts to host live concerts. 

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Example #1 – Group Instrument Lessons on Zoom 

“Participants are so grateful for the attention and interaction with instructors and their friends that they will “listen in” to other’s coaching sessions even though the instructors aren’t giving them 100% of their time. ” – Submitted by Daniel “DP” Pattianakotta, Yawkey Club of Roxbury Instagram:  @yawkeymusic YouTube: Yawkey Music Clubhouse
  • Each Zoom call is a group lesson with 3-4 participants at a time 
  • Participants are at various skill levels and working on their own individual songs
  • Lessons typically go for 1 hour and participants take turns muting/unmuting their mic when it’s their turn to play or sing (while other lesson attendees listen in) 
  • Participants play a track or karaoke version of a song (over computer speakers, etc) and then sing or play their instrument along with the track 
  • Instructors check in on each participants progress periodically through the session
  • Some have instruments/equipment while others have been innovative/creative (ie. using an iPad Keyboard app to play their favorite songs). 

Example #2 – Virtual Music Production Sessions 

“Before the shutdown, participants were working on their own original songs with a goal to create an album. I continue to reach out to these participants to encourage them to keep writing and collaborating.” 
Submitted by Brooke Magidson, Yawkey Club of Roxbury Instagram: @yawkeymusic YouTube: Yawkey Music Clubhouse
  • Music Production sessions are individually scheduled 
  • Staff share their computer screen on Zoom and create beats in Logic Pro X with the participants input
  • Before each session: 
    • Send each participant a bounced reference track 
    • Participants can prepare by writing lyrics and practicing their rapping/singing
  • During the Zoom session participants play the track in the background and rap/sing over top of the beat (using their iPhone headphone’s microphone) 
  • Staff listen and coach participants on their lyrics, rhythm, phrasing and “flow”, etc. 
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