Music Producer Reward System

Participants earn studio privileges while improving their producing skills!

The Music Producer Reward System motivates participants to learn more in the studio by creating 3 levels of “Producers”. As participants advance, they learn studio software and techniques and “level-up” to earn additional studio privileges.

How to…

  • First, set up various levels of Music Production workstations and/or studios in your program space.
  • Participants start on the basic setup and “level-up” to more sophisticated studios as they learn more skills. For example:
    • “Studio A” – iMac or iPad Workstation equipped with Garageband (Headphone based)
    • “Studio B” – iMac Workstation with Logic and basic interface/mic setup (with speakers) located inside of a practice room
    • “Studio C” – Professional level project studio, complete with Logic/ProTools, Isolation booth, and your program’s most advanced recording studio equipment
  • Determine what skills participants must demonstrate in order to gain access to each studio. Print and display the requirements for each level of “producer” (Sample levels are provided below)
  • Create an incentive chart to visually track and help motivate participants’ achievements. Regularly post and update the names of each “Co-Producer”, “Producer” and “Executive Producer”

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