Encourage “youth voice” while reinforcing planning, communication, and basic production

Podcasts are popular and easier than ever to create – anyone can do it.  Help your participants start their own Podcast to discuss music, social/community issues, or whatever else they want to discuss.  Participants will learn the audio production process along with how to respectfully engage in a group discussion.  

In addition… 

  • Great way to introduce participants to recording/production best practices
  • Participants also learn life skills like planning, thinking, and communication
  • Participants can express their thoughts/opinions about relevant topics (in a safe environment) 
  • Participants can use a Podcast as a platform to showcase their music projects and ideas

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How to… 

  • Set up your studio or a dedicated Podcast station (Computer/DAW, microphone/s and a quiet room)
  • Staff can act as moderator/host (to help steer the conversation) or assign a participant to host 
  • Assign participant roles like: host, guests, expert, engineer, performer, music director, note taker, etc.
  • Choose topic (music, bands, projects, current events, family/friends, video games, fashion, etc.) 
  • Have participants research the topics and write 6­-10 questions relating to the topic.
  • As a group, write the introduction (listen to professional radio/podcast introductions for inspiration).
  • When ready, record an Introduction to the week’s topic.
  • With the host moderating the conversation, record the conversation about your chosen topic, passing the microphone from participant to participant (or set up enough mics for everyone).
  • Once the conversation is done, have the participants edit the audio, considering:
    • Remove silences
    • Remove inappropriate content or off topics comments 
    • Edit mistakes and mess-ups 
    • Add background audio, sound clips, and sound effects 
Note: The editing process is a good Youth Development opportunity. Staff can coach participants to develop planning, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills.
  • Post to the web: Soundcloud, YouTube or other social media 
Optional steps/ideas: Compose and record theme-song for the podcast and use it each weekUse a field recorder to capture sounds/clips from different environments/peopleGo Live! Host a weekly Live Discussion on social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc) 

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