Dub Club

Two sound design projects that will build your participants’ critical listening skills and creativity

From TikTok to YouTube, everyone is making video content these days. But, the best video productions also have excellent audio quality and sound design.  Help your participants tap into their inner voice actor or foley artist by encouraging them to rebuild the audio for short video clips.

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How to…

  • Voice Acting (Check out TikTok #voiceover for inspiration) 
    • Teens choose a scene from their favorite movie (https://www.scriptslug.com/) or other viral video
    • Find a Video Clip of the scene and strip the audio 
    • Each participant records their voice recreating the scene 
  • Art of Foley (Check out “The Magic of Making Sound” for inspiration) 
    • Teens choose a commercial, funny YouTube video, movie, show or cartoon 
    • Pick a short clip and remove all of the audio 
    • Set up microphone and record voiceovers 
    • Edit voice overs showing participants how to “punch-in” audio 
    • Add additional audio tracks and have participants recreate sound effects using everyday items
    • Drag and drop other sound effects that are harder to recreate
  • Additional ideas: 
    • Host a viewing session to watch all Dub Club videos 
    • Discuss what they like about each project and what can be improved, etc.  
    • Create an organization-wide Dub Club challenge 
    • Show off their creations on your organizations’ social media pages 

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