Portable Music Production Station Overview

A simple way to bring beat making to your participants

iPads and mobile devices have become an essential part of our daily lives and more and more teens want to produce their own beats. We’ve created a set of resources that will guide you through what equipment to purchase, how to set up a Portable Music Production Station, recommended Apps and ways to get participants making music right away.

What is a Portable Music Production Station?

  • Everything needed to make beats and record on the go, including: an iPad (running Garageband), keyboard midi controller, audio interface, microphone, and headphones
  • Equipment is 100% battery operated and mounted/packaged in lightweight portable cases 
  • Can easily be set up or taken down in 3-4 minutes

Why create a Portable Music Production Station? 

  • Cost-effective way to introduce beat making into your program/building
  • Help maintain social distancing – Can be set up anywhere (e.g. outside, gyms, etc)
  • Easy to clean and sanitize – Durable hard surface equipment can be disinfected
  • Highly engaging for teen participants
  • Perfect for Organizations running after-school programming in shared space locations like:  
    • Teen Centers within a youth development organization, Schools (during after school hours), Housing developments and/or Community centers

How much does a Portable Music Production Station Setup cost?