The Egg Shaker Game

Teach participants to keep the beat while showing off their best dance moves – Submitted by Anne Joseph
This game works for all music classes when you need to take a break on playing instruments. Use it as an icebreaker or to teach rhythm & tempo. 

1. Everyone stands in a circle, each with an egg shaker (you can also buy easter eggs and fill them with beads).
2. Everyone begins to shake a certain rhythm (quarter notes)
3. One person takes a step up and dances with their egg shaker for 2 counts of 4. (doesn’t matter the dance move, they just have to keep shaking the egg). Then that person takes a step back and continues the group shake beat. If there’s a student that doesn’t want to dance, they can pass to the next person.
4. This happens around the circle until it reaches the first person.
5. Then the game ends.

It’s a super simple game, that not only touches on rhythm & tempo, but also works on confidence, shows inclusion, makes students think on their toes, and is engaging for the whole class!