Round Robin Elimination

Don’t drop the beat or you’re out! – Submitted by Daniel DRoyul Cody –

This is a bass guitar game we play (but you can use it with any instrument): 
  1. Make a circle with enough space for the basses and amps
  2. Pick a scale or song that you are going to play
  3. Start with one person playing the 1st note of the song/scale
  4. The next person will play the 1st and 2nd note of the song/Scale
  5. The next person will play the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of the song/scale and so on and so on

If at any point the next person can’t play the succession of notes correctly, they are out. Similar to musical chairs, the number dwindles down, until one person is crowned the winner. They win whatever prize you have chosen for that game.