Thank you to our generous Music Impact Network members who have helped create the following resources for after-school music programs and summer camps. If you would like to share and feature your Summer programs please contact

DIY Summer Activity Kit

Fun and unique “Do It Yourself” activities including – Naming Instruments, Guitar String Bracelets, Recycled Guit-ART, Drum Head Do-over, Embroidery Headphones, MintySynth, Musical Timeline, Drumstick Design, Make Your Own Cajon, Makey Makey Beats, Build Your Own Ukulele, Press Your Own Vinyl Record, Vibe Lighting Materials needed to run these activities can range from no cost to about $100

Download the DIY Summer Activity Kit

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Sample Your Summer

Reclaim your participants’ passion for music by introducing them to the limitless possibilities of sampling and field recording. We’ve curated a list of projects to help your participants reconnect with each other and their surroundings as they recover a sense of creativity. Sample Your Summer takes advantage of the nice weather, the smartphone devices they already have (no additional equipment required), and a world reopening around them… through sound.

“Sample Your Summer” Resources Include:
• Video Inspiration Gallery 
• “Found Sound” Sampling Project Download
• Recommended Sampler Apps
• Additional “Found Sound” Project Ideas
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Virtual Summer Camp

Whether your summer music camp is going to be all virtual, in-person, or a bit of both, below are some programs to help engage your participants this summer. Download includes ideas like 4 Virtual Programming Ideas, Virtual Listening Party, Tackling Social Issues in the Music Industry, Rhythm Roulette (Using Splice), and Cover Song Challenge.

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Advice on Retaining Summer Participants

So your participants had a great summer experience… now what?! 

Does this sound like your typical summer experience? You spent countless hours forming relationships with camp members teaching them to play instruments, record songs, perform on stage and more. The summer ends and you never see those participants again… it’s frustrating! Below are some strategies that have worked for seasoned Youth Development professionals to help retain summer participants in the new school year.  

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