Music Timeline

Time to update your facilities artwork with this collaborative Music History project 

Let your participants take ownership of your music room by creating a full timeline of recorded music from the invention of the phonograph to the present day! Participants nominate and vote on the most influential or most iconic artist from each decade and assemble them into a chronological list. This is a great activity to expose teens to a ton of new artists; learn a lot about the history of music, and create some very cost effective artwork for your space

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How to… 

  • Select artists from all eras of popular recorded music 
    • Have listening parties
    • Read bios
    • Watch YouTube videos 
    • Copy and paste pictures from the different websites into a Google spreadsheet
  • Research each artist beginning and ending career dates
  • Let the participants nominate and vote on the artists that they think should represent each era or genre
  • Print full list of pictures, artist names, and dates
  • Cut each element out and arrange them on a laminator sheet
  • Once laminated, have groups cut out each element and try to match, rearrange, and order the timeline on the floor
  • While your group is hanging the pictures, have a group of teens curate a playlist on Spotify or YouTube for each artist’s five most popular songs
  • Use the different colors of tapes to define each decade of artists
  • Find major music events throughout popular music to tape directly onto the middle of the timeline colored tape
  • Continually update the timeline 
  • Optional – include your participants in the timeline as well as a fun and motivational bonus! 

To download a full, editable version