Recommended Zoom Settings and Staff Guidelines

9 Steps to Set up your Virtual Zoom programming and helpful staff guidelines

This downloadable and customizable template includes guidance for your youth participants like:

  • Getting parent consent
  • Signing up for an appropriate Zoom account
  • Setting up meeting features to keep your members as safe as possible
  • Enabling other features that will help you run meetings
  • Enabling cloud recording for special situations
  • Expectations Regarding Mandated Reporting
  • Scheduling a meeting with your members
  • Keeping Meetings On Track
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Step 1: Get parent consent
Step 2: Sign up for an appropriate Zoom account 
  • Pro Accounts are recommended and cost $15 per month and allow you to implement additional safety features. You can sign up for one at
Step 3: Set the meeting features to keep your members as safe as possible (You will only have to do this step once!)

Go to Scroll down until you reach a section entitled “In Meeting (Basics)” or select “In Meeting (Basics) on the left hand side of your screen. Do the following things:

  • Allow meeting participants to send a message visible to all participants
  • Allow participants to save the chat 
  • Do NOT allow meeting participants to send a private 1:1 messages to another participant 
    • (Note: As the host you will still be able to message participants privately. You should NOT do this! Similarly, if a member messages you privately do NOT respond to them directly as this would violate our “Rule of Three”.)
  • Allow Zoom to automatically save all in-meeting chats
  • Lock all of your selections. 
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