Music Staff Recruitment Resource (Bundle)

Great staff = Great program! Everything you need to recruit and hire the best candidate for your music program.

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Teen “Tech” Club Descriptions

Your very own A/V Club! Teach responsibility while keeping gear functional

Objective: Provide more responsibilities and leadership roles for participants

  • Develop valuable leadership skills while mentoring a new generation of participants
  • Participants are chosen based on their demonstrated leadership and responsibility
  • Candidates gain valuable professional experiences and greater mastery of instrument/gear

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Establishing a University Partnership

Leverage your local universities’ resources to provide a more rewarding experience for your participants

There are many benefits to developing a partnership between your Music Program and a leading local university. The ultimate goal is to have the University “adopt” your Music Program, which can provide a wealth of benefits including:

  • Source of part-time staffing (paid and work-study)
  • Enhances credibility of your Music Program
  • Access to Music Department training programs, seminars, and special events
  • Relationships with Music Department professors to provide pedagogy guidance and support
  • Access to donated equipment including computers and musical instruments

This document will help you understand the challenges and best ways to approach establishing a University partnership.

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Sample Interview Questions for Music Program Staff

Find the right candidate by using our sample questions (also includes overview of typical responses).

Objective: Understand what sets GREAT Music Program Staff apart 

  • These sample interview questions are not meant to be exhaustive, and there are always exceptions to the rule.
  • We’ve also included a comparison of candidates that are suited for an after-school music program vs. those who might not be a good fit.

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Profile of Successful Youth Development Music Staff

Understand what skills to look for in candidates and what really sets GREAT candidates apart.

Objective: Understand what makes a GREAT Music Program staff member

  • Motivation for the job is Youth Development (not music)
  • Is a magnet for the music program participants
  • A team player who wants to be part of the staff (not a lone ranger)
  • Undergraduate music degree
  • Has “real world” experience in the music industry and continues to work on their craft part-time
  • Strong Musically and Technically

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