Youth Leader Program

Give teen participants their dream job – learning practical job skills while working for your program! 

Starting a Youth Leader program gets you the staff you need to run your program while providing older teens with an opportunity to gain real-world job skills. A Youth Leader Program will help you establish a youth leader program schedule, job description and evaluation process.

In addition, youth leaders: 

  • Help keep your program “fresh” with new and relevant ideas
  • Become role models, building positive relationships as they assist with musical events and lessons
  • Help perform community outreach by recruiting teen participants from the community

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  • Establish a work schedule 
  • One way to plan for a Youth Leader Program is by breaking their hours down by semester 
Semester Hours
Fall and Spring 10-12 hrs/week (at minimum wage) for 14 weeks 
Summer20-25 hrs/week (at minimum wage) for 8 weeks 
  • Develop a job description and/or a list of Youth Leader responsibilities that provide Youth Leaders with “real world” professional experience and outcomes
  • Examples of Youth Leader responsibilities can be found in the chart below 
Responsibility Outcomes
Application, resume/portfolio, and interview Safe environment to learn basic employment experiences/skillsDevelop a professional resume
Organize a music program “youth council”Help plan music programming like special events, workshops, and recording sessionsPromotes fresh ideas that are relevant to teens Gives Youth Leaders ownership to determine the “culture” of the music program
Basic music program duties: Mentor new/younger participantsConduct orientations for new participantsFacilitate instrument workshops, recording sessions, ensembles, and/or special eventsConduct school outreachHelp clean/organize music roomLearn valuable leadership characteristics and responsibility Connect with new teen participants in ways adult staff cannot
Regular professional developmentAttend regular music staff meetingsRegular professional meetings w/ music staffContinued music instruction/development outside of scheduled work timeDevelop very close relationships with their DirectorsInstills lifelong values 
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