Signature Events

Create a performance that participants will remember for the rest of their lives!

Many participants in your music program probably won’t become professional musicians but why not give them a chance to feel like one while performing on stage?! Creating a Signature Event helps participants look forward to participating in an annual performance and gives them a goal to work towards while building their self-confidence and self-esteem. Whether its an Album Release Party, Awards Night, Talent Show, or Vocal Competition, help your participants dream big as they perform for their adoring fans! 

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How to… 

Create a Signature Event that involves your participants in something bigger than they ever thought possible. Here are some general tips for creating a memorable Signature Event: 

  • Go big!
    • Book a professional concert venue (e.g. House of Blues, Hard Rock or local college auditorium)   
    • Rent a red carpet, staging, sound system and lighting 
    • Secure corporate sponsors and special guest performers 
    • Document the special occasion by hiring professional photographers and videographers
    • Create awards and custom swag (e.g. t-shirts, posters, etc) 
    • Create a buzz promoting your event in the press and community
    • Invite other program departments to help – for example: 
      • Invite the Dance Team to choreograph a dance routine and perform on stage 
      • Have Visual Arts participants design a flyer or custom T-Shirts
      • Have Teen Center pass out invitations or help with setup/teardown of equipment 
  • Invite everyone! 
    • Plan for EVERYONE in your Youth Development Organization to attend 
      • Shutdown all other program areas – rent buses so all youth members at your organization can attend
      • Staff help chaperone participants in the audience 
      • Administrative staff and board members should also attend 
    • Parents and family members 
      • Pick a family friendly day/time 
      • Make sure the venue has parking or public transportation 
    • Donors, sponsors, foundations and program partners 
      • Highlight how their contributions and support made the night possible 
  • Prepare! In addition to the logistics discussed above, be sure to: 
    • Work with organizational staff to make sure you choose a date/time free of other program or event conflicts.  
    • Develop a rehearsal schedule so participants are confident on stage 
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