A big thank you to Josh Alfonzo at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Tarrant County in Fort Worth, TX for putting together these Spotify Playlists.

Playlist features:

  • Popular Songs with easy progressions
    • Perfect for beginners on guitar, drums, bass, piano or vocals
  • Categorized by Key
  • Simply add them to your library

Here is how Josh uses these playlists in his programming everyday. “I spend a lot of time building relationships with my teens. I try my best to listen to them and understand what they like – this means spending time each week listening to top 40 music. When a participant requests a song or I come across a popular song, I learn it and add it to the playlist (if appropriate). This way I have go-to songs ready for participants to learn which keeps them motivated to keep playing.”

Spotify Playlists

Do you have a Spotify list that your participants can’t get enough of? Please share it on the Music Impact Network Facebook Group and we’ll add it to the list.