Updated February 2, 2022

Creating a Black History Month Song/Project

Emphasize key events and leaders in Black History while creating an original song

“I used this large group collaborative project during Black History Month to help teach my preteens and teens about their own history – for example, many of them didn’t know the basics of historical events and leaders.  I combined an educational approach (researching basic Black History facts) with beat making in our studio to create an original song that we rehearsed, recorded and performed for the rest of our Club.” – Josh Alfonzo Boys and Girls Clubs of Tarrant County

Below are additional Black History Month Resources to help inspire a project or a song!

Educational Resources

Video Resources

Note: Some services require a subscription. Check TV and Movies ratings to determine age-appropriateness

Audio Resources

Project Download – “Sampling the Civil Rights Movement”

If you have a music-themed Black History Month resource or project to share, please post it on the Music Impact Network Facebook Group and we’ll add it to the list.