Simple Website Portfolio

Build a sense of community among your participants – have them create a custom website portfolio to showcase their musical projects, accomplishments, and dreams! 

Basically everyone has a Gmail account – Google Sites is an easy way for youth participants to highlight their individuality, personal brand, musical creativity and personal accomplishments. Participants customize a template and fill it with content that is all about them.

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How to… 


  • Build sense of community 
    • Helps create a team environment when you can’t gather in person 
    • Participants can visit each other’s pages, give feedback and advice 
    • Or have participants present drafts on ZOOM screen share 
  • Motivation and sense of accomplishment 
    • Keeping participants motivated without an end goal is difficult (especially when they’re not attending in-person programming) 
    • Uploading a final project to their website portfolio help participants stay on task
    • They’ll always have the website portfolio 
    • Prepares participants for “real-world” situations like applying for jobs or college applications
  • Virtually showcase their creativity 


  • Have participants Sign-in (or sign-up) to their Gmail account (personal or school) 
  • Go to 
  • Encourage participants (and staff) to create their own live websites using one of Google’s templates
  • Have participants fill their site with: 
    • Background information about them (e.g. their likes, hopes and dreams) 
    • Music that they have been creating (e.g. studio tracks, live videos, lyrics, etc) 
    • Accomplishments (e.g. school or personal achievements) 
    • Civic engagement (e.g. community service or community projects they are involved in) 
    • Virtual Vision Board with their dreams and aspirations 
    • Digital or visual Art and pictures 
  • Participants share their sites with peers, staff, family and friends

To download a full, editable version

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