BRING MAGIC FOR REAL – A Youth Development Philosophy

Youth Development training philosophy from New City Kids

  • Helpful training for new afterschool music program staff members
  • Provides a framework on how to approach relationships and afterschool music programs
  • 10 Step approach to program elements like lessons, workshops, performances, and productions
    • (B)reak it Down, (R)epeat, repeat), (I)nspire, (N)obody Left Out (G)radually add more
    • (M)ake it fun, (A)ttack trouble spots, (G)oals to work towards, (I)ncentives, (C)elebrate
  • 7 additional steps
    • (F)low and transition, (O)n the spot, (R)oom set up
    • (R)each the span, (E)xpress the positive, (A)uthority, (L)ove kids

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