Lip Sync Battle

Help participants channel their inner Milli Vanilli while learning stage presence

A Lip Sync Battle is a fun and silly “performance” that gets participants to know each other and conquer their stage fright.  Vocal performers lip sync on stage in front of their peers while instrumentalist “air” play (guitar, bass, drums, keys, etc). This helps eliminate the need for knowing how to play while allowing inexperienced performance start to think about stage presence and getting comfortable in front of a crowd. 

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How to… 

  • Divide participants into teams (teams of 4-5 participants is ideal) 
  • Team decide on a popular song that they would like to perform
  • Give teams about 10 minutes to practice the song and designate different roles, like: 
    • Vocalist
    • Rapper/s
    • Drummer
    • Guitar/bass
    • Keys 
    • Choreography/Dancers
    • Etc. 
  • Each team “performs” for one another while the song is played over a PA System… (no participants actually play instruments or sing)
  • Crown a winner by letting judges/staff decide, audience “applause ‘O meter”, or schedule during pickup and let parents decide
  • Variations: 
    • Have individuals compete instead of teams 
    • Have theme Lip Sync Battles (ie. Rap, Pop, Country, 80’s music, etc…) 
    • Shoot a Lip Sync Battle music video 
    • Bring in costumes – have participants dress the part or have some props/costumes for participants to use 
    • Flash mob a different department/room – take a portable PA system to the teen center, games room, lobby or admin offices and put on an impromptu show
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