Recommended Mic Reflection Filter

A review of the Aston Halo Mic Reflection Filter – Submitted by Omar Miranda

For the past couple of months, we have been testing the Halo in the Music Clubhouse as a possible addition to the iPad stations. The idea was that we could have good quality recordings no matter where the station was set up and because is such a cool looking and intriguing accessory, members would be more interested in exploring new things and producing on the iPads.

After receiving the Halo we immediately set it up and guess what? There was a massive line of members jumping with excitement and looking forward to recording with “that spaceship” or “futuristic” awesome “thing”. This has been a great incentive for younger members to get excited about music production and to participate regularly on our beat making and sound recording workshops. We’ve also tested it in our recording studio and works amazing as well. I would recommend taking it to the studio if you don’t have good acoustics or if you don’t have a vocal booth. I also recommend it for podcasting.

About the Halo itself. This is a very well made filter, sturdy and solid. You can fit pretty much any mic but some might be harder to set up or won’t work well due to their shape (ex. sm 58)

Some other things to have in mind:

  • The Halo is not small.
  • Members “will” feel tempted on touching and pressing the inner foam. Also knocking on the back shell.
  • It’s a bit hard to use when you have large groups.
  • This will not cancel noise. It improves the sound but if you are surrounded by loud sounds they are going to leak onto the recording.

In general, this is an awesome addition to your program space and I can guarantee more participation from your members.