Musician of the Month

Submitted by Alexander Delorey –

The Methuen YMCA Music Clubhouse recently started a “Musician of the Month” program!
On the first Thursday of each month, the staff will present the certificate to a participant that has been doing amazing work. “Amazing work” could be anything from performing for the first time to helping others learn, to recording a song, to picking up another instrument, and much more. Basically, anything that shows growth in the participant or improves the program.

Our first recipient was super excited to win for the month of February. He’s been making lots of progress here since July. He’s learned guitar, progressed very quickly, began writing and recording an album, learned to fix up broken instruments, and even taught a few lessons. So obviously he was our first choice!
I’m excited to start this program and see in what ways kids step up. If you want to implement this in your program, feel free to reach out and I can help you out!