Play right away – Free Method Books for beginners

A Method Book Series specifically for beginners that is light on theory, heavy on playing and having fun!

Sometimes method books move too fast or overcomplicate things which can be frustrating for someone who is really looking forward to playing their favorite song.  These method books take a more “informal” approach. Participants choose their instrument, play with their friends, learn a song of their choice, and play right away without necessarily having to learn to read and write music notes. The goal of the books is to give instructors a framework to mentor participants on their instrument; giving them the knowledge, skills and confidence to perform on stage.   

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In addition, these Method Books are:

  • Designed for beginners
    • Intro Level books for Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums, Voice
    • Optimized for group lessons – kids pick the song they want to learn
  • “Synchronized” for teaching beginner bands/ensembles
    • Each book teaches the same musical elements at the same pace making it easy to form ensembles to play together while they learn – more fun, better retention!
  • Available Method Books include:
    • Guitar
    • Bass
    • Drums
    • Piano
    • Voice

Download the bundle of all 5 Method Books

or choose an individual intro level book:

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