iPad Workstation Overview

Music Production, Instrument Workshops, and Performances… there’s an iPad APP for that!

iPads and mobile devices have become an essential part of our daily lives.  Easy-to-use Apps make creating music more accessible than ever! We’ve created a set of resources that will guide you through what equipment to purchase, the setup of an iPad Workstation, recommended Apps and ways to get participants making music right away.

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How to… 3 uses for iPad Workstations in your after-school music program:

Music Production using iPads

  • Recommended APPS:
    • GarageBand
    • Novation LaunchPad
    • Rhymer’s Block
  • Give beginner participants greater access to Music Production concepts and practices
    • Apps that automatically synchronize tempos, rhythms, and pitch
    • Instant success – Participants create without the need to understand complex techniques
    • Easy entry point for beginners that helps them transition to a recording studio

Instrument Workshops using iPads

  • Recommended APPS:
    • YouTube
    • Yousician
    • Piano Dust Buster
  • iPads help give leverage to staff by using “virtual instructor” Apps like YouTube and Yousician
    • Self-directed participants can look up popular song tutorials through Apps like YouTube
    • Game-like Apps promote motivation to continue to progress musically like Dust Buster
    • Participants explore new instruments (without pressure) to find what they like the best
    • Participants learn fun ways to practice their instrument

Performances using iPads

  • Recommended APPS:
    • Novation LaunchPad
    • Djay
    • Smule
  • Reinforce performance skills and confidence using Launchpad, DJay, and Karaoke Apps
    • Entertain audience members during performance intermissions as “Virtual DJs”
    • Display lyrics using Apple TV for Karaoke sing-alongs and rap battles  
    • Use iPads in a band to trigger drum sounds, pre-recorded tracks, and virtual instruments
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